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100% automated end-to-end digitized origination, underwriting, servicing and collections. More muscles to reduce default rate and bad debt, improve turnaround time and collections.

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CreLytics ⚡

Execute accurate credit decisions with auto-generated summaries of applicant's financial transactions.


Increase inbound applications by 4X and optimize conversion funnel with tailor made mobile and web based solutions

Collect ➕

Reduce default rate by detecting potential delinquencies with AI frameworks and 100% control on Collection process

Kavach 🛡️

Be regulatory compliant by Role-based entitlements, safeguard customer data behind our secure technology fences

Why Us

CreLytics powering AUM of INR 100,00,00,000+ , 500+ originations and 100+ collections PER DAY.
Product Launch - India Fintech Day, ITC Maratha
Award Nominee - Economic Times BFSI Innovation Event
Accelerated - Selected by WEE Foundation at SINE, IIT Bombay
Featured - NIPP, Capterra, Banking & Finance, Fintech Yatra


Our whitelabel mobile app ecosystem and API-first LMS design allows clients to quickly respond to market. Add, update, and customize products on the fly.


Configure your own roles and permissions to streamline loan origination, underwriting, servicing, collection and compliance.

100% Digitized Customer Experience

Configure your unique data, loan products and custom processes in as little as 1 week, and delight your customers.

Customization options

Flexible rule engine to customize workflow as per to your needs. We support a variety of lending use cases suited for a wide array of lenders - from Non Banking Financial Companies to Credit Societies, from financial intermediaries to business marketplaces offering lines of credit.

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Happy Clients

We currently engage with 80+ Financial Services firms all around the world, with our meticulously designed APIs, unmatched micro-services and flexible architecture. Our clients trust us with a variety of solutions.

Below are a few case studies where our modular product suite, is addressing different use cases and providing technology backbone to power credit facility for our clients' clients.


New Delhi, India

This 25 year old publicly listed firm has pan-India operations and an NBFC Group Company that operates in lending for vehicle finance. They evaluated conventional LMS vendors for their upcoming business, but zeroed in to Crelytics for a progressive Loan Management solution .

Crelytics technology supports end-to-end credit lifecycle across various types of loans ensuring cost efficiencies and optimum risk control.

NBFC Fintech

Pune, India

This lender offers non-collateralized personal loans to young professionals facing cash crunch at end of month. They were troubled with multiple fraud applicants, high default rates, high cost of manual operations and compliance overheads.

Crelytics is providing the NBFC turnkey apps, LMS and workflow through which they are able to reduce default rate to 0.5% using Crelytics's proprietary technology.

Crelytics's analytics and prediction suite allows them creation of custom credit score for their cohort. Automated and more accurate credit decisions helps them improve margins by lowering technical, operating, and servicing costs.

Credit Society

Delhi, India

Online Credit Lending doesn’t stop just on big society borrowers;it has proved that poor people, wherever they are, could be creditworthy even with a small amount of money. Credit Societies like Apex are serving people with zero credit history - low income population like vegetable vendors or shopkeepers.

They incurred high cost of field operations and are now digitizing origination, underwriting,services and collections to lower costs, and better serve their customers.

Loan Agency

New Delhi, India

Crelytics has helped multiple financial intermediaries in increasing the applicants base from as low as 10 applications to 500 now processed per day.

The technology supports end to end credit lifecycle across various types of personal loans ensuring cost efficiencies and optimum risk control. Crelytics is enabling accurate credit decisions in under 3 minutes, based auto-generated analysis of applicant's loan case.

E-Commerce Marketplace

Bengaluru, India

For E-commerce platforms, key to profitability is ensuring a growing buyer base and controlled churn. For one such major platform operating pan-India, we enabled credit facility for borrowers through plug-and-play Credit Request APIs. Crelytics is powering management of lines of credit for the borrowers via multiple lenders on board.

They now have automated approval software in which they are giving their clients flexibilty in purchase payment. Using API based line of credit product and ecommerce-specific LMS design allows clients to quickly respond to customers, update, and customize loan products on the fly.

Microfinance Bank

Bali, Indonesia

Crelytics helps small microfinance banks with apps that masses at lower income group and with lower literacy levels can easily use.

"Technology development has been significantly growing in Indonesia and we are planning to take advantage of it to improve firm efficiency and business effectivity. Having our customer get a real-time update on their saving account helps us to improve the operational flexibility or efficiency."

Vehicle Finance

Colorado, US

Crelytics provides advisory support to vehicle loan provider in increasing their conversion rates by offering customers just-in-time finance.

"They always put their full effort into everything, even when they do not stand to gain from it, and their work is the best of the best. I would highly recommend them for anything and have been in business with them as well as watched them build a new version of the business we hired them for, improving it dramatically .Whomever gets into business with them will be happy with their decision in a short amount of time!"

Education Finance

Gurugram, India

Crelytics provided alternative credit underwriting tools to empower current and recent students to avail education and skill-based loans.

"Skill up and Financing in 1 App. Hassle-free Graduate-friendly Credit Products."

Amazing Team

With 20 years of collective experience in Financial services, Predictive Analytics and Cyber Security, No body understands risk the way we do.

Abhijit Onkar

Chief Executive Officer

An ex-Deloitte strategy consultant and ISB Hyderabad MBA alumnus, he has 12+ years of management experience, and led design of multiple fintech products for banks.

Lalit Chawla

Chief Technology Officer

Lalit has experience in varied aspects of analytics and data sciences and has led multiple startups to successful exits. In his last job, he built analytics tools for the Army to predict border intrusions.

Neha Jain

Chief Operating Officer

Neha has built multiple successful startups from scratch. She has been a director at multiple firms and has been leading multiple strategic partnerships in India and abroad.